Meet our LogiForce

  • Hansraj Buradia JAIPUR

    “I like the work because it gives me stability of income and work. Previously the income was unstable. I used to earn for 2-3 days in a row and then stay without work for equal days. Now, I get business on a daily basis. The facility of mobile saves time too.”

  • Dasharat JAIPUR

    “Here everyone works with mutual co-operation. I like the work and facilities provided. The organization provides us constant work and stability.”

  • Shankar HYDERABAD

    “I have support of staff which is good. I do not have to look for helpers and I get constant business.”

  • M Khadeer HYDERABAD

    “After joining the network, clients don’t make me wait unnecessarily for loading their materials. My time is saved and I get to do more trips in a day.”

  • Omprakash JAIPUR

    "At Logisure, I am treated like a family member. It offers me a great learning environment and new opportunities for personal growth."

  • Ashish JAIPUR

    “Due of lack of business, I had to give up cloth printing and came to UDAN. Now I have constant work and income which gives me peace of mind as I am the only bread-winner for the family. Here I have learnt a way to talk and communicate with people respectfully which was not there in my previous job. Now I get respect from other people as well.”

  • Sunil Sharma JAIPUR

    “Because of family issues I had to come to Jaipur to support them financially. I had no work when I came in contact of Logisure. They gave me work immediately which allowed me to help my family financially. I am never without work and also find the environment to utilize my education.”

  • B Rajarao HYDERABAD

    “Logisure provides friendly working environment. I enjoy my work every day.”

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What's New?

  • Reach out little sisters of the Poor
  • Check out our blog to know about the unique events conducted by UDAN with LCV owners
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